“Life is cruel, and we do terrible things to each other” – Barbara Pym.

No one would agree with Barbara’s quote more than Steve Wilson. A fun nine-year-old kid who loved to go to the movies and dream big. But everything changed for him on one fateful Saturday when moments dedicated to enjoying a thrilling blockbuster changed to a traumatizing mishap in the blink of an eye.

A harmless stranger bought him snacks and asked him for some help. He didn’t know that following him would be to his detriment. He was made the victim of sexual assault.

The depressive tumble turned into a chaotic life when Steve was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It seemed that the terrible lows were destined to stay with him forever. His book is a culmination of what he had to endure. Witness what Steve’s life was like by putting yourself in his shoes. Order your copy of the book today!